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With over 30 years of relevant experience in the Assistance, Emergency Services, and Travel and Medical Insurance industries we have a broad base of knowledge and technical expertise to complement your internal resources.

We provide quality project management, research and consultancy services in the following fields :

  • Global Healthcare
  • Assistance Services
  • Medical Risk Management
  • Claims Management (travel and medical)

Whether you are an insurer needing an audit or due diligence done on your third party claims and assistance providers, help and advice in establishing your own provider / assistance network or you are a company providing value-added services to your employees or clients we can help.

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Provider Networks

Would you like to establish your own network of medical providers or review and enhance your existing network ?

We can advise on and help you tap into existing structures or research and develop a bespoke network to suit your needs whether you require coverage for a single city, a country, region or globally.



Assistance and Value Added Services

As a purchaser of assistance or value-added services have you ever considered the following:

  • What value are you receiving from your current provider of assistance services, and how much should you be paying for these services ?
  • Are you using the most appropriate provider for your products ?
  • Do you need help in developing and managing a tender process and evaluating responses ?
  • Do you need insight into contracts and agreements or help with service level agreements ?
  • Would you like to manage these services in-house and develop your own assistance network ?
  • Need help in the design and preparation of tender documentation and the subsequent assessment of responses ?

Using the depth and breadth of our experience and expert knowledge of the industry we are perfectly placed to help you with these issues.



Due Diligence and Auditing

For auditing your third party claims and assistance providers we develop protocols and criteria and complete the audit on your behalf, or we can do the audit for you using your existing guidelines.

In addition to accuracy we look at efficiency, quality, service levels, speed, best practice and if the most appropriate course of action has been taken.

Also, when evaluating new suppliers we can do the research, vetting and due diligence on your behalf and leave the decision-making and final negotiations to you.

We are the ideal complement to your internal resources with the added advantage of having expert knowledge of the industry.



Claims and Cost Containment

Do you fund travel and/or international medical claims ? If so we can help you solve the following :

  • Claims ratios going up ? Why ?
  • Is inadequate service from your third party claims handler losing you clients?
  • Outsource, In-source, or handle in-house ?
  • Are appropriate measures in place to obtain recoveries ?
  • Are you benefiting from using preferred providers ?
  • Reviews of systems, processes, procedures.
  • Requirement analysis for software and systems.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss these issues or any other concerns you may have.



Interim Management

Do you temporarily need to fill a critical gap in your management due to an unexpected departure, an unexpected new contract, a special project, a new product launch or are you simply in need of additional management support ?

We can provide interim staffing covering Sales and Marketing, Operations, Claims and Project Management.



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