MSS appoints Peter Brink as Commercial Business Unit Manager

With the opening of the Johannesburg, South African office, the Commercial Business Unit Manager, Peter Brink, brings a wealth of experience operating with large and small organistions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

After holding a senior operations management position in the largest global medical services and assistance company, Peter Joined MSS in April 2016. The South African business unit was established to serve the commercial market for energy, mining and infrastructure clients. 

Peter specialises in the scoping, deployment and management of medical services and consulting services to clients seeking to provide healthcare services to their employees as part of their duty of care. He has significant experience operating in much of Sub-Saharan Africa in countries such as the DRC, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya to name a few.

Said Peter: “ I really believe in the types of services we provide, having had first hand experience of when things go right and also horribly wrong. In the current global economic climate, cost vs benefit is a major factor influencing the level of healthcare our clients can afford. We strive to meet this challenge with a pragmatic approach, innovative thinking, products and costing models.”