Local Empowerment and Medical Skills Transfer

International best practice emergency medical training does not exist in most of Africa, with the result that many national healthcare practitioners are not equipped to assess, diagnose and treat medical and trauma emergencies.

However, many of these personnel are willing and able to learn, increase their skills and contribute more to a remote site healthcare system and their communities.

MSS has developed programs aimed at identifying individuals who have the potential to be trained and up-skilled in western standard emergency care, leaving a lasting legacy and contributing to local healthcare.

Medical skills assessments and gap analysis

Medical Support Solutions will conduct a medical and emergency skills assessment of the Local healthcare practitioner. Knowledge, skills and capabilities are assessed according to medical best practice, international standards and objective assessment criteria.

Intermediate / Advanced Life Support training and skills transfer

Based on the medical skills assessment, Medical Support Solutions will advise to which level we are able to uplift the capabilities of local healthcare practitioners. They are provided with focused training, refreshing anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, progressing to diagnostics, patient assessment and treatment of medical and trauma emergencies.

Mentorship and experiential learning

MSS medical staff conducts experiential learning with national healthcare practitioners during daily routine medical services, enabling them to learn key assessment, diagnostic and treatment skills. MSS staff who have a teaching background are carefully selected to place on sites where we conduct these programs.