At Medical Support Solutions, we believe in the importance of proper healthcare in remote, active and high-risk environments.

We also understand the challenges our clients face when it comes to providing healthcare to its employees as part of the duty of care.

We draw on our in-depth knowledge and understanding of these challenges to serve our clients with an innovative, pragmatic approach.

Whether it’s a single medic in a tent or a large clinic or hospital set up; properly organised healthcare systems on remote sites can reduce the incidence of lost time injuries, costly evacuations, malaria complications and even fatalities.

Moving a patient off-site or referral to a secondary healthcare facility drains resources and can reduce workforce productivity. Our approach to remote healthcare is aimed at treating medical issues effectively on site, reducing costs, downtime and risk.

Medical care in an emergency or medical condition is often based on sound decision making. The three pillars combine to enable our medical professionals and clients to make sound and informed decisions.

Effective case management is critical to preventing workplace injuries from requiring hospitalisation, reaching the LTI classification and containing medical costs. The utilization of safety/medics in remote operating areas is a proven benefit in ensuring timely treatment, mitigating injury severity and containing medical costs. Simply put, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” or “Pay now or pay more later.”
* Quoted from “Numbers show: Good safety is good business”