Evacuation Planning

A customised Offsite Movement and Emergency Plan is prepared for each client. The OMEP describes the exact process of initiating an offsite movement or evacuation.

The OMEP is updated regularly and tested to ensure functionality.


Moving a patient to a medical facility for further assessment, treatment or admission can be costly, labour intensive and logistically challenging.

While the ideal is to reduce the incidence of disembarkations and evacuations, MSS is able to access a network of Air Ambulance providers and assistance companies.

Identifying the most appropriate provider based on insurance cover, availability and cost is one of our strengths; enabling us to facilitate rapid and appropriate evacuations.

An evacuation can range from:

1/  Offsite movement by road to a local or central in-country medical facility

2/  Movement by charter or commercial carrier to a regional facility for upgrade of care

3/  Dedicated air ambulance movement to a medical facility capable of definitive care

Whichever movement is most medically appropriate, MSS can arrange and facilitate the process from start to end.

What is “Definitive Care”?
In short, definitive care is a facility where, for example, a surgeon can operate on a patient, after which the patient moves to an Intensive Care environment and is then discharged.
The old adage of the “Golden Hour” describes the time from an injury to a facility capable of definitive care.
Sadly, in remote areas, a local clinic or even a decent looking hospital is unlikely to be capable of providing definitive care – and moving an ill or injured patient to such a facility first can even cause long term complications.