What We Bring With Us

Medical Services in a remote environment is more than just a medical professional and equipment. In addition to our products, services and technical expertise, Medical Support Solutions brings additional value to our clients.

Insurances – Our medical professionals are covered for Public Liability, Employer Liability and Medical Malpractice. We also have our own evacuation insurance should they become ill or incapacitated.

ISO9001 Quality – MSS is one of the few organisations in our field to have this certification, which we have held since 2007. Our streamlined, ISO 9001 certified systems ensure that we can provide:

1. Quality operational processes and systems

2. Comprehensive reporting

3. Optimal most cost effective solutions to our clients

4. Billing efficiencies and accurate invoicing.


Direct operational and medical support – the MSS operations and medical team provides daily direct support to our medical professionals on the site. This includes 24-hour medical advice, site visits, audits and quality assurance.

Ongoing medical education – to ensure our medical professionals are up to date and maintain their critical skills, we have an ongoing education process to ensure that they are ready and able to treat any emergency.

Ongoing and preventative maintenance – of critical medical equipment, such as defibrillators, ventilators and patient monitors.

Current medical and clinical guidelines – including general healthcare, Malaria treatment, snakebite protocols and infectious diseases.

Diverse staffing profiles – These can include Advanced Life Support Paramedics, Emergency Care Technicians, Doctors, Nurse Anesthetists, Nurses and others. Our team also comprises French, Portuguese, Eastern European and Third Country National medical professionals.